Our team is built on the principles of constant improvement and the appreciation of the talents of each individual. Our lawyers dedicate themselves to the pursuit of excellence and overcoming challenges in order to provide reliable, innovative and efficient legal solutions for our clients.





Luiza Dorleto Santos

Human Resources

Laura Batista Rocha Silva

Law intern

Maria Eduarda Dorjó Esteves

Law intern

Gabriel Damianovich

Law intern

Nathalia Carvalho Figueiredo

Law intern

Gabriel Henrique Faria Perdigão Silva

Law intern

Marina de Souza Pompermayer

Law intern

Julia Bahia de Araújo Cirne

Law intern

Ellen Mara Alves Silva

Law intern

Letícia Cachoeira Fregonese

Law intern


Joyce Tamires Alves Gonçalves

Administrative supervisor

Patrícia Rosa Alves Pascoal

Receptionist - Administrative

Barbarah Brenda Batista

Bilingual receptionist - Administrative

Ana Paula de Castro

Receptionist - Administrative

Luís Gustavo Ribeiro Brandão

Administrative - Financial - Personnel department

Thiago Souza Neves

Accounts Payable

Leydiane Caroline de Morais Magalhães

Accounts Receivable

Taís Aparecida Gonçalves de Sousa

Accounts Receivable

Ulisses Sálvio Junior

Accounts Receivable

Amanda de Carvalho Leite Corrêa

Electronic document management - Library

Fernando Pedro Gonçalves Vieira

Information Technology

Josimar Aparecido Machado

Information Technology

Elenice Alves Carneiro

General Services

Driely Marques de Oliveira Manzoli

Communication and Marketing

Valquíria da Silva Martins

Human Resources Coordinator