Patrícia Guercio Teixeira Delage

Patrícia graduated in Law from Milton Campos University and then started her partnership with Alexandre Aroeira Salles leading to the founding of the firm. Patrícia is currently based in Belo Horizonte and leads the Brazil Team which is responsible for client relationships throughout the country.

In 2018, Patrícia took over the position of Compliance Officer, in addition to coordinating the implementation of teams and management tools for the better functioning and sustainability of the office.

Patrícia is a Founding Member of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Control of the Public Administration – IBDCAP, of the Brazil Infrastructure Institute and she participated in the Special Study Commission on Elaboration of Budgeting and Price Formation of Infrastructure and Building Enterprises – ABNT / CEE-162.

Patrícia has significant experience advising clients in respect of the legal management of contracts as well as representing clients in proceedings before the Federal Court of Accounts  and other control bodies (TCE, CGU), as well as before the Courts, especially regarding administrative improbity actions, public civil actions, actions to question decisions of the Audit Court and collection actions. She also works on the monitoring of inquiries and tender processes (PPP, RDC, Public Concessions).

She has advised on projects for large clients in the areas of construction (such as roads, airports, ports, metropolitan train systems, railways, nuclear power plants, sanitation, water supply, football stadiums among others), oil and gas, solid waste and logistics.

Notable examples of Patrícia’s practice include her successful participation in discussions in the Federal Court of Accounts in respect of clauses of a contract with initial value of more than R$ 7 billion. Her representation was instrumental in ensuring the continuity and execution of the contract. She also participated in administrative and judicial discussions involving the first Public-Private Partnership of the Municipality of Belo Horizonte where the granting authority was in default to an amount of approximately R$ 40 million. Her successful representation meant that judicial decisions were handed down that were necessary to make the contract viable.