Why Us

Our Values

We believe that the law is one of the main tools to transform society and achieve more balanced and fair relations.

Having ethics as a value that guides all of our activities, we strive to provide our clients with the best service possible, with a commitment to understanding their specific business needs and providing commercial advice that provides legal security while enabling their business to thrive.

We look to provide legal solutions that inspire confidence not only from our clients but also the institutions before which we act.


With an ethical, personalised and proactive approach, optimise our client’s business by providing reliable, innovative and efficient legal solutions.


Guided by ethics, responsibility and the continuous training and appreciation of each member of its team, to be a law firm recognised for the excellence and efficiency of its legal solutions with a view to its sustainable expansion into different sectors of the economy for Brazilian and foreign clients.


Focus on the client and excellence in the legal services we provide;
Ethical conduct and respect in both internal and external relations;
Constant training and appreciation of our team;
Valuing teamwork and good communication;
Diversity, inclusion and well-being;

A bit about our history


The firm is founded in Belo Horizonte.


The founding partners Alexandre Aroeira Salles and Patricia Guercio Teixeira Delage start the operation of the firm with its current existing structure.


Marina Hermeto Corrêa becomes a partner of the firm.


Francisco Freitas de Melo Franco Ferreira is a new partner of Aroeira Salles.


Due to the firm’s extensive work before the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) and the growth of its practice in the Higher Courts, the next step was to set up the firm’s first office outside Belo Horizonte.

Tathiane Vieira Viggiano Fernandes became a partner of Aroeira Salles and heads the Brasília office.


Lawyers Nayron Sousa Russo, Mariana Barbosa Miraglia and Cristiano Nascimento e Figueiredo become partners of the firm.

During the works for the World Cup and Olympic Games, a large part of the firm’s infrastructure clients changed their bases to Rio de Janeiro. This time, the best strategy for the firm’s expansion would be to open a Rio office.


Mariana Barbosa Miraglia takes over the coordination of the Rio de Janeiro office.


Driven by a desire to expand its operations, to work alongside other international firms and to develop its anti-corruption and compliance practice and knowledge of international standard contracts and practices, the firm opens its first international office in London.


To honour its commitment to faster service and to expand and seek new business opportunities, the firm’s fifth office was set up this time in São Paulo with partner Nayron Sousa Russo as office head.

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